How To Wear Pearls For Your Wedding Day

Pearls have the luxury of being a timeless accessory. Their ability to remain classic (a good option in the 1930’s, today, and probably years into the future) is what makes creamy pearls a time-treasured beauty in nature. There are times when pearls are trendier than others but fortunately, brides, the time is here! As you can see, pearls are everywhere on the runway lately. Even It Girl Bella Hadid wears them…

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While I’m assuming most brides won’t want to decorate their face with pearls like make up artists did at Givenchy, they can definitely use these trends as inspiration for their big day! Wearing pearls in a subtle way is classic and fresh at the same time, a look everyone in the brides’ life will love, from grandmother to girlfriends. There is no better way to accessorize with pearls than by dressing up some gorgeous wedding shoes. It’s a great way to incorporate a trend into a bridal look without going all out. Some of our favorite styles come with beautiful pearl details or the ability to add your own. Click any of our favorites below for an easy purchase!



These pearly “I do” stickers for soles of your wedding shoes are a fantastic and subtle way to get in on the pearl trend. Who wouldn’t love to wear this cute message on the soles of their heels on the most important day of their life?  This sweet sticker accessory also makes for a unique shower gift any bride would cherish.


This dainty deco detail is truly a simple beauty. Attach them to any pair of bridal shoes you choose for a fresh and lovely update. Or…


…pump up the drama of plain bridal shoes with this fantastic vintage deco detail. Beautiful pearls are interspersed with tiny roses and detailed leaves in a style no bride should go without.



The Monique bridal shoes by Badgley Mischka are not only a modern take on the traditional pump with a peep toe, but they are also delicate and unique with a pearl and crystal brooch. The sophisticated bride would look fabulous in white high heel shoes. Not to mention, this style is dyeable and can match any color scheme you choose.


These Melissa peep toe bridal shoes by Liz Rene are also dyeable and have a fantastic vintage feel that I simply can’t get enough of. The crystal and pearl detail looks glamorous and the low heel makes these ultra comfortable wedding shoes. This pair is perfect for a vintage-themed wedding or stands well all on its own at a modern event. For just $101, every bride should consider rocking these beautiful wedding shoes.


If these Fauno by Menbur heels don’t take your breath away, I’m afraid nothing ever will. This exquisite crystal and pearl waterfall detail would make any bride feel absolutely gorgeous on her special day. The pearls do a fabulous job of dressing up a classic pump.


Here is another lovely way to wear pearls. I absolutely love the toe strap made stunningly unique o the Cappy style by Something Bleu. Not only is this pearl wedding shoe classicly glamorous, but the heel is low and perfectly comfortable for a stroll down the aisle, dancing the night away, or even celebrating a special shower. Brides, this style is for you!

The Best Wedding Wedges For Your Big Day

Whoever said “Pain is beauty,” is really doing things the hard way. Sure, all of the primping, dieting, waxing, and more that women do on the regular but especially before the big day tests our patience and pain tolerance. However, not every aspect of your life has to suffer in order to pull it together for your wedding day. Amongst all of the struggles we women face to look beautiful there are little miracles along the way that not only make us look good but actually feel that way, too! What better way to be sure you look and feel amazing than by starting at the bottom- with your feet?

Wedge shoes have been a girl’s best friend ever since it was first invented. As much as I love a good wedge all year long, they are especially great for summer and for the bride willing to brave the great outdoors to say ‘I do’. And who could blame a bride really, wedding wedges are easy to walk in, much better than the tiny stiletto heels. Choosing to wear wedding shoes with a wedge enables you to glide down the aisle with ease, able to brave gravel, grass, sand, and more. Garden, beach, even backyard weddings are made perfect in wedges. When it comes to walking, dancing, or simply jumping for joy, a bride is better off in a gorgeous pair of wedge heels as her wedding shoes of choice. These, ladies, are the best options for your special day. Click on the images for an easy purchase!

kate spade isodora
The Isadora bridal shoe by Kate Spade is a gorgeous way to wear wedges. The ankle strap is sophisticated as well as secure, plus the blingin’ wedge heel would make any bride feel special. These shoes are also great for a fun bachelorette night out!


What better way to rock a wedge than in sandal form? The Aria wedges by Betsey Jonhnson are beautiful bridal shoes made perfect for a beach or outdoor wedding. A cushiony sole and on-trend pearl details make these wedding sandals the best selection ever.

Who said a wedge had to be casual? If we can have the sneaker wedge, why can’t we have a more sophisticated version? Badgley Mischka offers us the Abigail wedding wedge with supportive straps and a gorgeous brooch detail. The classy, glamorous bride can’t pass these wedges up.


The Flora by Perfect Bridal Shoes are such a beautiful way to wear a wedge! The ivory lace overlay is perfect for a garden wedding or the whimsical bride who wants to have a good time and not worry about her feet! Comfortable and sweet- these lace bridal shoes are a must.

Once again, a classy bridal wedge is not only possible, it’s stunning! David Tutera’s beautiful pair is definitely for the polished bride. I chose to show the Winter 2 wedge in this gorgeous teal color, but of course it’s available in white, plus so many colors it will make your head spin. Every bride or even bridesmaid needs a pair of these dyeable beauties.

Here is another great dyeable wedding wedge option on our list that a bride can’t be without. These are perhaps are my favorite shoes by Bella Belle. The light blue sole is perfect for the ‘something blue’, and seeing the delicate, sheer lace recalls to mind a Cinderella moment that’s too magical to pass up! A bride can definitely dance the night away in these stunning wedges!




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How to Choose the Perfect Blue Wedding Shoes



blue-wedding-shoesWhile white wedding shoes have not lost their popularity, more and more brides are looking to expand their color palettes. Blue wedding shoes are becoming quite popular with brides who crave creativity and want to create a unique look on the big day.

blue3 blue4

Wedding Colors

Blue is one of the most popular wedding colors, and for good reasons. A large percentage of people say that blue is their favorite color, so it is only natural that brides would want to incorporate it into their ceremonies. Blue also coordinates well with other colors, so its inclusion in the wedding can be a smart move.


The Dance by Betsy Johnson is a beautifully designed shoe shows off with its simple round toe and low heel made in a sparkly fabric. The gentle scallops on the edges add subtle detail to an elegant shoe. The blue sole can be your ‘something blue’ for your walk down the aisle.

No matter what the reason, blue wedding shoes are becoming increasingly popular. That gives brides a real opportunity to break from traditional and choose the colors they love. If you have chosen blue as one of your wedding colors, you need to decide how to use that color for your wedding shoes. Some brides will wear traditional white shoes adorned with blue accents that match the wedding theme. Others will prefer blue wedding shoes in their chosen shade. As with everything else wedding related, the choice of shoes is a highly personal one.

 Color Swatches

A big part of choosing the perfect blue wedding shoes is getting the color just right. That will be impossible without a good set of color swatches from your wedding planner or dress designer. No matter who is planning your wedding, it is important to have the color information you need before you head out in search of the perfect shoes.

Egg Blue Light Blue Peacock Royal Blue Seafoam Teal

Looking for the perfect hue of blue to dye your wedding shoes? You can order a color swatch from My Glass

Once you have the color swatches in hand, you can start seeking out the perfect shoes. If you have already ordered your gown, you may be able to get your blue wedding shoes from the same source. If not, it is important to start shopping early, since it may take some time to find blue wedding shoes that match both your color needs and personal taste and style.


Dye Your Own

In most cases you will be able to find the perfect shade of blue wedding shoes as long as you bring a color swatch with you when you shop. Even if the bridal shop does not have the perfect shade in stock, the owner may be able to order a pair of shoes that will perfectly match your wedding colors and look perfect on the big day.


This style is the Joy wedding shoe and it features a fashionably simple t-strap and an enclosed heel cap. The white or ivory fabric is beautiful in person and can be dyed any My Glass Slipper shade of blue.

JOY01.ROYAL-BLUE.700.1[1]  JOY01.PEACOCK.700.1[1]  JOY01.ROBINS-EGG-BLUE.700.1[1]  JOY01.SEAFOAM.700.1[1]  JOY01.TEAL.700.1[1]

 If your wedding colors are unusual or hard to match, however, it may be best to take a different approach. Whether you choose a stunning pair of high heels adorned with crystals or a more practical pair of flats, you can dye the shoes to your chosen shade of blue. Just start with a pure white pair of shoes and buy a dye kit in the shade you want. You can mix the dye, experiment until you have the perfect shade and then dye your special shoes to the perfect color.

A Guide to Choosing Cute Flat Wedding Shoes

While many brides still choose traditional high heels for the big day, a growing number of people are looking beyond those uncomfortable shoes and seeking out more practical alternatives. Flat wedding shoes are becoming increasingly popular with modern brides, and they are turning up in some very unexpected places.


Flat wedding shoes have a number of important advantages for busy brides. They are more comfortable, an important consideration for brides who will be on their feet from morning to night. Flat shoes are also versatile and easy to customize. Brides can use adornments and accessories to match their shoes to their wedding gowns and incorporate their wedding colors into their footwear. Whether you are planning a fun wedding ceremony at the beach or a formal party at the local country club, flat wedding shoes can be part of the celebration.

Casual or Formal?


The Ever by Betsey Johnson is a beautifully designed shoe shows off with its simple round toe and crystal bow embellishment. The blue sole can be your ‘something blue’ for your walk down the isle.

Many people equate flat wedding shoes with casual backyard weddings, but that is not necessarily the case. More and more brides are incorporating flat wedding shoes into their wedding ceremonies, even when those ceremonies are held at country clubs and other formal venues.

No matter what type of wedding ceremony you are planning, you can find flat wedding shoes that will match the situation perfectly. You do need to think about the nature of the wedding before you go shopping, but the sky is the limit from there.





Consider the Venue

Outdoor weddings are becoming increasingly popular, and those outdoor venues often demand flat and comfortable wedding shoes instead of the traditional high heels. When choosing flat wedding shoes, it is important to think about the setting you have chosen for your wedding.

Outdoor-Wedding-21     nestldown-wedding-venue-outdoor

If you dream of a wonderful wedding on the beach, lovely pair of beaded flip flops will look right at home and make your feet look great. If your wedding is at a formal garden or fancy hotel, a formal pair of flats would be a better choice.

If you are looking for a bridal sandal for a beach wedding, look no further, Precious by Corkys is an adoreable sandal that is perfect for a beach wedding or tropical honeymoon!

If you are looking for a bridal sandal for a beach wedding, look no further, Precious by Corkys is an adoreable sandal that is perfect for a beach wedding or tropical honeymoon!

Off-the-Shelf or Dyeable?

The growing popularity of flat wedding shoes means that bridal shops are stocking more styles and colors than ever before. If you have a traditional color wedding dress and wedding colors, you will probably be able to find exactly what you need in a perfectly matching shade.

The Andie wedding shoe is sure to turn heads with crystal covered vamp and peek-a-boo peep toe! The open peep toe and closed pump heel are great for for a steady walk down the aisle.

The Andie wedding shoe is sure to turn heads with crystal covered vamp and peek-a-boo peep toe! The open peep toe and closed pump heel are great for for a steady walk down the aisle.

 ANDIE01.PEACOCK.700.1[1] ANDIE01.HOT-PINK.700.1[1] ANDIE01.GREEN.700.1[1]

Did you know My Glass Slipper now offers several color options to dye your wedding shoe? Check the Andie by Benjamin Adams dyed a few fun hues!

If your wedding colors are more exotic, you may prefer to dye your own wedding shoes to the perfect shade. You can start by purchasing a pair of stunning white flats and a dye pack. There are plenty of instructions available to help you get the perfect shade for the big day.