3 Tips to Choose the Best Shoes for Your Summer Wedding

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     The sky is a brilliant forget-me-not blue. The sun shines brightly and the weather is gloriously warm. Summer is the perfect time for a wedding. There is, however, one hitch. You will have to look as if you are breezing through the ceremony even if the heat is oppressive at times. So, put your best foot forward and step into the perfect pair of wedding shoes!


Take cues from the following pointers to choose your summer wedding shoes that are both stylish and sensible.

Flat Shoes Are the Perfect Choice for a Lengthy Wedding Ceremony


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You will have to be on your feet and walk around a lot on your wedding day. So, your wedding shoes should be comfortable. Ballerinas, either fully covered or in a delicately feminine peep-toe design, made from luxurious fabrics like satin, silk, velvet, or lace look elegant with a wedding gown. They will also not give you swollen feet and an aching back at the end of the ceremony. However, if you are going in for a summery garden wedding ceremony, you should choose shoes made from sturdy fabrics like leather or suede. These flat shoes can be fitted with jewels and beads to notch up the dressy appeal.

Strappy Sandals Spell Comfort and Convenience and Fit a Beach Wedding

The beach provides a glorious setting for a summer wedding and a pair of flat strappy sandals is the perfect footwear to wear on a hot day to let your feet breathe, walk around in without toppling over on a soft sandy surface, and look fetching in a sun-and-sand ambience. The sandals can be embellished with crystals, colorful semi-precious gems and stones, flowers, and lace to complement your wedding dress.


Summer Wedding Shoes Do the Honors on Other Occasions Too


If you don’t want your wedding shoes to languish in the depths of your closet after the D-day, you should choose a pair that you can step out in on other occasions too. Go in for a little less bling on your wedding shoes. This will give them a no-frills look that looks breezily beautiful on a sweltering day. You will thus be able to wear your simple but elegant pair of wedding shoes on other occasions without looking gaudy.


You can ditch the conventional white wedding shoes and settle for a pair in a color that matches your jewelry or an embellishment on your gown. A neutral color like beige will ensure that you can pair the footwear with some other less-dressy dresses later on.

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Considering that your summer wedding day will be hot and sultry, your wedding shoes should let your feet breathe and be preferably flat so that moving around, mingling with guests, posing for photographs, and dancing do not tire your legs. Convenience should score high when choosing your summer wedding shoes and settling for a simple but stylish design will let you wear the pair on other occasions as well. Stepping out in the shoes that you walked down the aisle in will surely bring back some tender memories!