Creative Trash the Dress Ideas

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Muddy Trash the Dress

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Our guest blogger, Brea Gunn, shares some creative ideas to liven up a “trash the dress” photo session. If you haven’t heard of “trash the dress,” it’s an increasingly popular trend to “trash” (aka ruin) your bridal gown post-wedding by taking a plunge in a pool, rolling around on the beach or playing in mud.

There’s been a lot of talk about trashing wedding dresses lately, and I love the idea, but why not take it a step further? I see so many brides who just grab a hose and go out into a flower garden… and it’s just so… well, BORING.

And let’s face it: You are anything but boring, right? So, you’re the adventurous type. That’s GREAT, because I have some wonderful ideas for you.

If you’re looking for a unique way to trash the dress, then read on!

All you need is a lot of ambition, an equally adventurous photographer, and you’re all set.


I love the water, and honestly can’t think of a better way to explore than in a kayak; why not kayak in your wedding dress? You don’t have to be the ultimate water bug to get some great pictures of you paddling around an inlet, or even just a few feet off the beach (no one has to know).

Kayaking Trash the Dress

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Do you look forward to a long walk? Then why not hike up a mountain in your wedding dress? You’ll get some unbelievable pictures and have a great time doing it. Pick a local spot, or fly to that mountain that you’ve always wanted to climb. If you’re in a warm setting (think Hawaii), you could even get some great water shots, too! See a stunning example here.


If you’re in a warm climate, you may want to think about snorkling in your dress. Yes, the photographer would need scuba gear, but that’s something you can ask up front. I love the way that clothes billow and move in the water, and with your wedding dress? It’s perfect!

Underwater Trash the Dress

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Sky Diving

While not for the faint of heart, sky diving in your gown will give you some amazing pictures, and the rush of your life!

Hit the Beach with Wheels

Do you live near the beach? Then you HAVE to go rent (or borrow) some go carts or dune buggies and have a blast in your dress. Can’t you just picture your veil rippling in the wind as you fly (safely, of course) down the beach?

Beach Trash the Dress

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Underwater Trash the Dress

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Fountain Trash the Dress

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