Explore the Advantages of Dyeable Wedding Shoes

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When brides plan their weddings, the shoes they and their bridal party will be wearing often get short shrift compared to the wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses. That is a shame, since the shoes play a huge role in any wedding ceremony.


If the bride spends her big day wearing uncomfortable shoes and battling sore feet, she will not exactly be in the mood to dance the night away and greet her wedding guests. If the bridesmaids are stuck with unflattering shoes in hideous colors, they may not be so happy either. Spending some time picking out the perfect shoes can help you avoid those uncomfortable situations and have a wonderful wedding.

Dyeable Wedding Shoes for Every Occasion

Dyeable wedding shoes are beginning to make real inroads in the wedding industry. More and more brides are discovering just how beautiful and versatile dyeable wedding shoes really are, and they are including them in their wedding plans.

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The Jewel by David Tutera featured in ivory and raspberry can be dyed any of our vibrant hues!

Bridesmaids love dyeable wedding shoes because they give new life to what had been a one-time purchase. Instead of throwing their bridesmaid shoes in the back of the closet and forgetting about them, your bridesmaids can simply grab a bottle of dye and gain a great new pair of pumps.

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Brides also love dyeable wedding shoes for their versatility and style. Many brides are surprised to find that dyeable wedding shoes come in every type of style, from stylish high heels to casual flats and demure pumps. No matter what your style, you will be able to find the perfect pair of dyeable wedding shoes.

The Perfect Venue – The Perfect Shoes

nestldown-wedding-venue-outdoorNo matter what type of wedding you have planned, you need to choose your dyeable wedding shoes accordingly. The venue you have chosen for your wedding and reception will give you some important clues about the most appropriate type of footwear.

A pair of stiletto heels dyed to match your wedding dress may be perfectly appropriate for a formal country club wedding, but they would be totally out of place for a wedding at the beach or LocalPark. If you are planning a casual country wedding or beachside ceremony, you can find any number of wonderful dyeable wedding flats that will be right at home on the grass or in the sand.