Flat Wedding Shoes are Best for Pregnant Bride

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wide angle shot for beach oahu ceremonyFlat wedding shoes are certainly an asset if you’re planning for your big day to be held in the great outdoors, such as on a sprawling lawn or on a beach, as you won’t need to worry about dealing with your heels awkwardly sinking into the ground. And flats are also great for brides who love to dance the night away without having to worry about their feet aching by the end of the night.


Wedding Shoes for Expecting Brides


Flat wedding shoes are really best for pregnant brides, especially since swollen ankles and feet are common. A pregnant bride also shouldn’t have to worry about slipping and falling, potentially injuring herself or her baby, on her big day.

Have Fun Choosing Your Shoes

Just because you have to purchase flat shoes for your wedding certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t have any fun while picking them out. Think about when and where your wedding will be held so you can choose a pair that will blend in perfectly with the theme of your wedding. For a summer wedding, even if it isn’t on a beach, you can get stylish flip-flops that are super comfortable and adorable too. Plus, they’ll give your feet the room to breathe in case they do begin to get a little swollen as the day or night goes on. Flat-bridal-shoes DANCE-IV01.700.1

Betsy Johnson’s new line of bridal shoes features this great flat called Dance!

Choose Your Shoes Closer to the Wedding Date

To-Do-list Because your feet will change throughout your pregnancy, it’s best to wait a while before purchasing your shoes. While you can certainly browse through your options and make a list of favorites, hold off on making a purchase until you’re a couple of weeks away from the wedding date. In this way, you’ll know exactly what size to purchase and how wide the shoes need to be. Finding your shoes in stores is obviously the best option, as there are no guarantees that what you purchase online will actually fit as anticipated.


Flats Don’t Need to Be Plain

Just because you’re planning on wearing flats on your wedding day doesn’t mean they should be plain and boring. There are plenty of wedding shoes out there for pregnant brides and those who simply prefer to avoid high heels, so choose a pair that matches your gown and is fun to wear.