Get the Look: Bella’s “Breaking Dawn” Bridal Shoes

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When Breaking Dawn: Part 1 arrived in theaters this past weekend, Twilight fans finally saw the much-anticipated wedding of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. For years there’s been speculation about what Bella’s vintage-inspired bridal gown would look like, but little attention was paid to her shoes. That changed within the first few shots of the film, when Bella’s towering wedding heels filled the frame. Her bridal shoes stole the show.

Bella walked down the aisle in stunning shoes by designer Manolo Blahnik. Aptly named Swan, the style features a dazzling decoration that overtakes the front of the shoe, much like the outstretched legs of a spider or the extended reach of creeping ivy. The effect is beauty with a glimmer of Gothic edge (much like the captivating-yet-deadly vampire groom).

In the opening scene of the movie, Bella practices walking in her high-heeled wedding shoes. Despite her inexperienced wobbles, future sister-in-law Alice encourages her to stick with the high-style choice. (Photo courtesy of

Even the most devout Twilight fan may not be able to splurge on Bella’s bridal shoes: These sparkling heels retail for $1,295.00 at Neiman Marcus. But just because you don’t have the Cullen family fortune to subsidize your wedding doesn’t mean you can’t take inspiration from your favorite bride’s couture look.

At My Glass Slipper, we offer several shoe decorations that mimic the look of the jeweled accent on Bella’s Manolo Blahnik heels. We recommend starting with a classic closed-toe pump for the shoe’s base, like Swoon by Stuart Weitzman, Carat by Something Bleu, or Cashmere by Something Bleu. A classic peep-toe pump, like Ona by My Glass Slipper, is another great option. Then select an oversized and dramatic shoe decoration for a one-of-a-kind look that will rival Bella’s unique wedding shoe. Our top decoration picks are Vine, High, Fairy and Trellis.

Swoon by Stuart Weitzman decorated with Fairy.

Swoon can also be decorated with the larger Vine, Trellis and High decorations for a dramatic look that resembles Bella’s shoes.

Ona by My Glass Slipper decorated with Trellis.

Ona by My Glass Slipper decorated with Vine.

High-Society by My Glass Slipper (Ona pump adorned with the High decoration.)

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