How to Choose Between High Heels or Flat Bridal Shoes For Your Wedding

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Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day, and choosing the right shoes is an important part of making the complete look come together. Brides today have many options in footwear, so how does a bride choose between heels or flat wedding shoes?

High heels are the more popular option for wedding shoes. With wedding gowns often being long and flowing, having some extra height can help a bride keep the hem of her dress from dragging on the floor in the wrong places. Heels can also help lengthen the appearance of the legs, making a bride look taller and leaner. But heels don’t have to be the only option, and today’s bridal flats provide a good alternative that are increasing in popularity.


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Bridal flats have many benefits. Flat wedding shoes allow a bride to walk with comfort and security. Brides in general are on their feet for a long time on their wedding day, even long before the ceremony begins and long after it ends. The last thing a bride wants to deal with is bridal shoes that hurt too much to wear. Wedding flats can help prevent achy feet and allow for more dancing. Brides often kick off their high heels during the reception, but choosing flat wedding shoes will let a bride dance all night without resorting to bare feet. Also, a bride dressed in flats won’t have to worry about wobbling on her heels as she walks down the aisle.

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When deciding whether to make the wedding shoes flats or heels, think about the location of the ceremony and reception. Weddings that take place outdoors—beaches or parks—are more suited toward flat wedding shoes. Heels are almost impossible to walk in on sandy surfaces and will often sink into soft grass, so it makes more sense to wear bridal flats in these cases. No bride wants to get stuck in the grass while walking down the aisle!Many brides think that high heels are the right choice to make legs look sexier, but the right bridal flats can also be sexy. Consider strappy sandals or peep toe flats to add an edge to the overall bridal look.

No matter whether a bride chooses flats or heels, she should make sure that the wedding shoes she picks won’t cause her any problems. The bride’s shoes usually aren’t visible in most photographs, so comfort should be the biggest priority. Brides should practice walking in their shoes as much as possible to ensure that they’re comfortable and fit without causing blisters that will sideline her from enjoying her wedding day.