How to Find Designer Bridal Shoes

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 The-shining-diamonds-high-heel-wedding-shoes-for-bride    A wedding is one of the most important events in a woman’s life, so adding some spark and color to the white dress can transform a bride from beautiful to amazing. For a lovely day like the wedding day, a woman must have the perfect shoes. If you are searching for the best designer bridal shoes, you should first consider a few important things.

Do Trends Matter?

Trends in wedding shoes seem to change year by year, and today there is more diversity than ever. It also depends on the type of wedding that you want to plan: traditional, romantic, beach casual, destination or a glamorous event. Maybe trend is not as important as your personal style. The shoes have to fit your style perfectly. But, style can be less important when you think of another factor: comfort.

bridal_wedding_shoes_bowsComfort Is a Must

Bridal shoes have to fit well, so don’t study just the looks when you are in the search of the best pair. Make sure you will feel good and you will have no restraints while you walk or dance. A good match means good comfort most of the time. Do not forget that you will have to do a lot of photographs, or walk gracefully down the aisle. Wear the shoes a little bit the days before the wedding.

wedding-shoes-avoiding-the-dreaded-heel-hango-L-YihExiHeel Height

Wider heels can provide more comfort and stability, but a narrow one can be more stylish, elegant and feminine. The dress has to be fitted to accommodate the heel height. If you want the heels to be higher, do not exaggerate, as this can create unpleasant situations, like falling or even injuries.


Some of the best fabrics to use with a wedding dress can be satin and silk. But these two options are more a tradition than a matter of taste, so if your dress is far from traditional, use shoes that will fit the dress. Current trends are also important in choosing the right the fabrics.

Wedding-Dress-Shopping2Try Many Pairs

Before choosing designer bridal shoes that will fit your budget, style and feet dimensions, you may have to try many pairs. Most shoes made by a designer are stylish anyway. Shoes should be tried at different times of the day because you may find your feet inflated closer to the end of the day.

Benjamin-Adams-ShoesFashion-forward and glamorous Benjamin Adams bridal shoes, each named after an equally glam starlet. Left to right: Charlize and Rhianna

Women should choose well when searching for the perfect designer bridal shoes. They shouldn’t make compromises related to comfort in the favor of style. Comfortable wedding shoes can help you avoid blisters, which could be disastrous for a wedding. Choosing shoes for a wedding can be difficult, but it becomes easier if you know the most important things to look for.