Becoming the Belle of the Ball With Badgely Mischka



Anyone who’s familiar and appreciative of fashion has likely heard of Badgley Mischka. The American designer house launched in 1988 after the two founders met in college. The bridal department, however, didn’t take center stage until 1993.

Badgley+Mischka+Bridal+Collection+8evtwxin-s0l BadgleyMischka001Often selling side by side major designers like Manolo Blahnik, Betsy Johnson, and Jimmy Choo; Badgley Mischka offers stunning designs at a reasonable price point when compared to several competitors.






Badgley Mischka is primarily a dress shoe. As such, the most popular styles revolve around high heeled pumps, sandals, platforms, and wedges. The standard 2.5 – 5 inch heels are thick enough to feel secure while walking and come in closed toe, open toe, d’Orsay, and traditional pointed or rounded toe pump designs.


The Swan by Badgley Mischka is everything a feminine bride wants on her wedding day. It is soft with the feather detail, girly with the faint pink color, and romantic with the pearl and beaded decoration!


Many of the designs emulate 1940’s glam and include adornments of lush fabric and sparkling brooch embellishments. 1/2 inch platform leather soles ease novices to designer heels into the heel height challenge. While sumptuous leather, satin and rich silks dress the shoes themselves.

GOODIE01.700.1[1]The dress shoe styles are labeled with adorable modern female names and range in design from sophisticated to sassy to sexy. While the shoes add a dazzling touch to any special event, weddings are where they truly shine. Several stunning designs are available for a bride’s special day, but the Goodie-ES is one of the top sellers from year to year. It’s a classic pump fashioned after true Hollywood glamour with a sparkling center gem above the open platform toe. The sturdy heel gives the star of the day 4 1/4 extra inches of height. Many bridal styles come in ivory, but can be dyed to your chosen wedding colors. But are they comfortable?

Badgely Mischka shoes tend to run small, so it’s important to try them on if possible to ensure the proper fit. Most of the time, ordering a full size larger than your normal size will do the trick. In the event of a wedding, you’ll be on your feet more than you’ll be off of them. Comfort is an issue. If heels are a requirement, an open toe design may help in that event. Once the proper fit is decided, these shoes often provide all day comfort. Shoe cushions and sole grips can help ensure the proper comfort levels for your event.


Tip Toes To Go by Foot Petals is a small self adhesive pad sets under the ball of your foot.

 Every woman deserves a pair of drop dead gorgeous designer shoes. If classic elegance and glamour fit the bill, consider ordering a pair of Badgely Mischka’s and become the belle of the ball.

Explore the Advantages of Dyeable Wedding Shoes

When brides plan their weddings, the shoes they and their bridal party will be wearing often get short shrift compared to the wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses. That is a shame, since the shoes play a huge role in any wedding ceremony.


If the bride spends her big day wearing uncomfortable shoes and battling sore feet, she will not exactly be in the mood to dance the night away and greet her wedding guests. If the bridesmaids are stuck with unflattering shoes in hideous colors, they may not be so happy either. Spending some time picking out the perfect shoes can help you avoid those uncomfortable situations and have a wonderful wedding.

Dyeable Wedding Shoes for Every Occasion

Dyeable wedding shoes are beginning to make real inroads in the wedding industry. More and more brides are discovering just how beautiful and versatile dyeable wedding shoes really are, and they are including them in their wedding plans.

 JEWEL01.700.1[1] JEWEL01.RASPBERRY.700.1[1]

The Jewel by David Tutera featured in ivory and raspberry can be dyed any of our vibrant hues!

Bridesmaids love dyeable wedding shoes because they give new life to what had been a one-time purchase. Instead of throwing their bridesmaid shoes in the back of the closet and forgetting about them, your bridesmaids can simply grab a bottle of dye and gain a great new pair of pumps.

bride shoe

Brides also love dyeable wedding shoes for their versatility and style. Many brides are surprised to find that dyeable wedding shoes come in every type of style, from stylish high heels to casual flats and demure pumps. No matter what your style, you will be able to find the perfect pair of dyeable wedding shoes.

The Perfect Venue – The Perfect Shoes

nestldown-wedding-venue-outdoorNo matter what type of wedding you have planned, you need to choose your dyeable wedding shoes accordingly. The venue you have chosen for your wedding and reception will give you some important clues about the most appropriate type of footwear.

A pair of stiletto heels dyed to match your wedding dress may be perfectly appropriate for a formal country club wedding, but they would be totally out of place for a wedding at the beach or LocalPark. If you are planning a casual country wedding or beachside ceremony, you can find any number of wonderful dyeable wedding flats that will be right at home on the grass or in the sand.

3 Tips to Choose the Best Shoes for Your Summer Wedding

     The sky is a brilliant forget-me-not blue. The sun shines brightly and the weather is gloriously warm. Summer is the perfect time for a wedding. There is, however, one hitch. You will have to look as if you are breezing through the ceremony even if the heat is oppressive at times. So, put your best foot forward and step into the perfect pair of wedding shoes!


Take cues from the following pointers to choose your summer wedding shoes that are both stylish and sensible.

Flat Shoes Are the Perfect Choice for a Lengthy Wedding Ceremony


Benjamin Adams new line of bridal shoes features this sparkling flat called Halle!

You will have to be on your feet and walk around a lot on your wedding day. So, your wedding shoes should be comfortable. Ballerinas, either fully covered or in a delicately feminine peep-toe design, made from luxurious fabrics like satin, silk, velvet, or lace look elegant with a wedding gown. They will also not give you swollen feet and an aching back at the end of the ceremony. However, if you are going in for a summery garden wedding ceremony, you should choose shoes made from sturdy fabrics like leather or suede. These flat shoes can be fitted with jewels and beads to notch up the dressy appeal.

Strappy Sandals Spell Comfort and Convenience and Fit a Beach Wedding

The beach provides a glorious setting for a summer wedding and a pair of flat strappy sandals is the perfect footwear to wear on a hot day to let your feet breathe, walk around in without toppling over on a soft sandy surface, and look fetching in a sun-and-sand ambience. The sandals can be embellished with crystals, colorful semi-precious gems and stones, flowers, and lace to complement your wedding dress.


Summer Wedding Shoes Do the Honors on Other Occasions Too


If you don’t want your wedding shoes to languish in the depths of your closet after the D-day, you should choose a pair that you can step out in on other occasions too. Go in for a little less bling on your wedding shoes. This will give them a no-frills look that looks breezily beautiful on a sweltering day. You will thus be able to wear your simple but elegant pair of wedding shoes on other occasions without looking gaudy.


You can ditch the conventional white wedding shoes and settle for a pair in a color that matches your jewelry or an embellishment on your gown. A neutral color like beige will ensure that you can pair the footwear with some other less-dressy dresses later on.

Looking for a sparkly shoe for a big occasion? The Rio by Benjamin Adams is the perfect choice!

Considering that your summer wedding day will be hot and sultry, your wedding shoes should let your feet breathe and be preferably flat so that moving around, mingling with guests, posing for photographs, and dancing do not tire your legs. Convenience should score high when choosing your summer wedding shoes and settling for a simple but stylish design will let you wear the pair on other occasions as well. Stepping out in the shoes that you walked down the aisle in will surely bring back some tender memories!

Styling Your Wedding: Shoes As Inspiration

wedding this way

If you’re planning a wedding, you might be wondering where to begin.  The answer isn’t right under your nose; it’s under your toes!  The shoes you select for your ceremony can serve as a great jumping-off point for creating a theme.  Here are some ways your shoes can be your inspiration for styling your wedding:

1.     Your location.

Your shoe choice will help you decide what wedding venue might be right for you.  For example, more casual shoes like sandals would be terrific for an outdoor wedding in the springtime.  You could also choose flip-flops to convey an “easy-breezy” vibe for a beach ceremony.  If you find an elegant pair of ivory high-heels, style your wedding around them by crafting a more traditional service in an ornate church.  You’ll find the perfect wedding spot by picking out your shoes before you start your search.

2.     Your dress.

Many women begin planning their weddings by shopping for a bridal gown.  However, you may want to rethink that strategy.  By selecting your shoes for the big day first, you’ll have a much better idea of what style of dress to choose.  Plus, it can encourage you to think outside the typical wedding box.  A great pair of red pumps might just inspire you to go with a dress that’s just as bold.  Sequined shoes could help you select a gown that’s just as glittering.  Dress your feet first to find the ideal combination!

3.     Your flowers.

Your wedding shoes can also help you determine what your bouquet should look like.  Some sweet, coral-colored flats would be wonderful with an equally sweet bunch of bright tulips.  Sleek and modern shoes would look stunning with a minimalist bouquet of orchids or perhaps some roses.  Whatever style you fancy, you’re sure to find a great flower to pair with your shoe design.


Styling your wedding around your shoes can really help you get the ball rolling in terms of wedding preparations.  After all, your taste in footwear probably says a lot about your personality in general.  So pick your perfect pair and get inspired to create the wedding of your dreams!

Flat Wedding Shoes are Best for Pregnant Bride

wide angle shot for beach oahu ceremonyFlat wedding shoes are certainly an asset if you’re planning for your big day to be held in the great outdoors, such as on a sprawling lawn or on a beach, as you won’t need to worry about dealing with your heels awkwardly sinking into the ground. And flats are also great for brides who love to dance the night away without having to worry about their feet aching by the end of the night.


Wedding Shoes for Expecting Brides


Flat wedding shoes are really best for pregnant brides, especially since swollen ankles and feet are common. A pregnant bride also shouldn’t have to worry about slipping and falling, potentially injuring herself or her baby, on her big day.

Have Fun Choosing Your Shoes

Just because you have to purchase flat shoes for your wedding certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t have any fun while picking them out. Think about when and where your wedding will be held so you can choose a pair that will blend in perfectly with the theme of your wedding. For a summer wedding, even if it isn’t on a beach, you can get stylish flip-flops that are super comfortable and adorable too. Plus, they’ll give your feet the room to breathe in case they do begin to get a little swollen as the day or night goes on. Flat-bridal-shoes DANCE-IV01.700.1

Betsy Johnson’s new line of bridal shoes features this great flat called Dance!

Choose Your Shoes Closer to the Wedding Date

To-Do-list Because your feet will change throughout your pregnancy, it’s best to wait a while before purchasing your shoes. While you can certainly browse through your options and make a list of favorites, hold off on making a purchase until you’re a couple of weeks away from the wedding date. In this way, you’ll know exactly what size to purchase and how wide the shoes need to be. Finding your shoes in stores is obviously the best option, as there are no guarantees that what you purchase online will actually fit as anticipated.


Flats Don’t Need to Be Plain

Just because you’re planning on wearing flats on your wedding day doesn’t mean they should be plain and boring. There are plenty of wedding shoes out there for pregnant brides and those who simply prefer to avoid high heels, so choose a pair that matches your gown and is fun to wear.