Shoes for Mothers of the Bride and Groom

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Yesterday, we had a lovely guest post with fashion tips for mothers of the bride and groom. We discussed dresses but not shoes, and let’s not forget the importance of good footwear when you have a full day of wedding festivities.

Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting your mother-of-the-bride shoes:

1. Comfort: This one is a no-brainer. Of course you want to be stylish, but comfort should be your top priority. Your role is to support the bride and groom, and it’s likely that you’ll help oversee the event (especially if you don’t have a wedding coordinator). Choose shoes that allow you to move with ease.

2. Color: Your instinct may be to match your shoe color exactly to your dress color, but don’t! Times have changed since your own wedding day, and that matchy-matchy look is passé. Instead, pick shoes in a contrasting color that complements your gown.

3. Age-appropriateness: We are firm believers that women of all ages should ignore fashion rules and rock whatever they love with confidence. But there’s something to be said for choosing shoes that are age-appropriate, especially when photos of your outfit will be around for decades. All-over sparkle or towering platforms may be “in” for the bridesmaids or young guests, but as a mother of the bride or groom, you should stir clear of anything too trendy in favor of classic and elegant choices.

4. Location: The wedding venue should play a role in what shoes you select for the big day. Is the ceremony or reception outside? Nix stilettos that may dig into the ground or be awkward to walk in on uneven surfaces. Will you be dancing on a slick ballroom floor? Opt for a shoe with slip-resistant soles, or add slip-prevention stickers to your soles.

5. Season: Though season doesn’t dictate what’s in style or what’s available as much as it used to, the time of year is still something to consider when selecting your shoes. If your child is getting married in the winter, you might prefer a closed toe or a pump with just a peep-toe. Summer weddings allow for much more freedom; anything goes from a strappy sandal to a round-toe pump.

Here are our picks for mother of the bride and mother of the groom shoes:

Bloom by Something Bleu

Bloom is our bestselling low-heeled bridal shoe, but this stylish pump isn’t just for brides! When dyed, Bloom becomes the perfect pick for mothers of the bride or groom:

Try dyeing your shoes a color that beautifully contrasts with your dress.

Scoop by Something Bleu

Scoop is an adorable and preppy ballet flat with a chic bow. It can be dyed any color. Not a fan of the bow? This flat is also available with a variety of shoe decorations. Pick one that matches with your dress or jewelry:

Decorated Scoop styles, called Scoop-PK on

Abby-Decorated by Touch Ups

The classic Abby shoe from Touch Ups gets a touch of sparkle that’s perfect for any wedding. You can have this shoe dyed to complement your outfit or the theme of the day:

Examples of Abby-Deco dyed in vibrant hues perfect for MOBs and MOGs

If you’re not in love with the shoe brooch on Abby-Deco, you can choose from more than 10 shoe decorations to make Abby one of a kind:

Check out Abby-PK by Touch Ups to see more decoration options!

This shoe style is also available plain without any decoration (called Abby) and it’s available in ivory and wide-width. If you like the look, but want more height, check out sister styles Nadia (2 1/2 inch height) and Flash (3 1/2 inch height).

Flower by Pink

This glamorous flat is comfortable and stylish! It looks radiant and luxurious when dyed a vibrant hue:

Flower by Pink looks gorgeous when dyed!

Camelia by Pink

This pointed-toe shoe has a classic and elegant look well-suited to mother-of-the-bride ensembles. Thanks to a low heel and a secure ankle strap, this style should feel comfortable and secure throughout the wedding day. And of course, it’s dyeable:

Examples of Camelia by Pink dyed beautiful colors

Asher-264 by Touch Ups

Why not go for metallic? Metallic shoes complement nearly all gown colors, and they add a pop of modern shine to even the most understated outfits. Asher-264 is a great option of mothers of the bride and mothers of the groom since it has a classic look with a stable and secure fit.

Belina by Paris Hilton

If you want a metallic style that’s a bit more trendy, and you’re accustomed to wearing high heels, this one’s for you. Belina is a sweet and chic shoe with a height-boosting stiletto.

What do you think of these options for mothers of the bride and groom? What would you wear to your daughter’s or son’s wedding? Leave a comment on our Facebook page!