Silver Wedding Shoes, an Icy Addition to Your Wedding Day Look

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WinterWeddingTheme1White or ivory are not the only options out there for brides when choosing the perfect wedding shoes. Silver wedding shoes can add a bit of glamor and sophistication to the whole bridal look. Silver shoes can be worn any time of year, but are especially on trend for the upcoming winter season.

Why Choose Silver?

Silver wedding shoes provide an unexpected twist to the bridal look for the bride who wants to be non-traditional, but are still subtle enough not to stand out too much when compared to other color options. A bonus reason for choosing silver wedding shoes? They can be worn again and again! While white or ivory shoes may not suit other dresses as easily, silver wedding shoes can often be worn with any dress for other occasions.

For winter weddings, silver bridal shoes compliment the colors of the season. Silver shoes are perfect for a backdrop of freshly fallen snow or sparkling holiday lights.


Match the Silver to the Dress, Even If the Dress Isn’t Silver

Many brides think the color of the shoe has to match the wedding dress. If a bride has chosen a silver dress, it would look best to match the same shade of silver with the bridal shoes. But the wedding shoes can also compliment the dress without matching entirely. Silver shoes will look great with a white dress or even a dress in a non-traditional shade. Imagine a trendy pink wedding gown with sparkling silver wedding shoes!


Choosing the Right Silver

Like any other color, there are various shades of silver and the color a bride chooses for her wedding shoe needs to compliment the wedding gown. Silver can range from a cool darker pewter to a shining steel. If the wedding dress has silver accents, such as beading or ribbons, use them as a base to work from in choosing the right shade of silver for the shoes.

If the dress doesn’t have silver accents, any shade of silver can work, but just as with any other bridal shoe, make sure that the style of the shoe matches the style of the wedding gown. Silver wedding shoes are available in a variety of styles, from ballet flats to strappy sandals to traditional pumps.

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Dare to be non-traditional by stepping out of white or ivory wedding shoes and instead choose silver for instant glitz and glamor. Silver wedding shoes provide an icy touch to the bridal look that is on trend and can also be worn many times after the wedding is over, making them a solid investment choice.