Styling Your Wedding: Shoes As Inspiration

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If you’re planning a wedding, you might be wondering where to begin.  The answer isn’t right under your nose; it’s under your toes!  The shoes you select for your ceremony can serve as a great jumping-off point for creating a theme.  Here are some ways your shoes can be your inspiration for styling your wedding:

1.     Your location.

Your shoe choice will help you decide what wedding venue might be right for you.  For example, more casual shoes like sandals would be terrific for an outdoor wedding in the springtime.  You could also choose flip-flops to convey an “easy-breezy” vibe for a beach ceremony.  If you find an elegant pair of ivory high-heels, style your wedding around them by crafting a more traditional service in an ornate church.  You’ll find the perfect wedding spot by picking out your shoes before you start your search.

2.     Your dress.

Many women begin planning their weddings by shopping for a bridal gown.  However, you may want to rethink that strategy.  By selecting your shoes for the big day first, you’ll have a much better idea of what style of dress to choose.  Plus, it can encourage you to think outside the typical wedding box.  A great pair of red pumps might just inspire you to go with a dress that’s just as bold.  Sequined shoes could help you select a gown that’s just as glittering.  Dress your feet first to find the ideal combination!

3.     Your flowers.

Your wedding shoes can also help you determine what your bouquet should look like.  Some sweet, coral-colored flats would be wonderful with an equally sweet bunch of bright tulips.  Sleek and modern shoes would look stunning with a minimalist bouquet of orchids or perhaps some roses.  Whatever style you fancy, you’re sure to find a great flower to pair with your shoe design.


Styling your wedding around your shoes can really help you get the ball rolling in terms of wedding preparations.  After all, your taste in footwear probably says a lot about your personality in general.  So pick your perfect pair and get inspired to create the wedding of your dreams!