Top 5 Fabulous Wedding Cake Ideas

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Today guest blogger Brea Gunn, a wedding industry insider, is back to share her top ideas for a memorable wedding cake at your reception.

Cakes are a staple at most weddings, and the sugary confections have been a must-have for centuries at nuptials all around the world. A luscious cake that celebrates a couple’s newly minted marriage has been served at wedding receptions in every country since the dawn of the baking era, so it’s a no-brainer to consider having a tiered creation at your wedding as well.

But as with most wedding-related things these days, modern wedding cakes aren’t quite the same as the simple desserts your grandparents or great-grandparents served. Cake decorating has become an art form, and with that, the bar has been raised for wedding cakes. TV shows like Cake Boss and Wedding Cake Wars have brought to light just how many cake variations and decorating options are available; deciding on a flavor and design can be seemingly impossible.


Here, we’ve compiled a list of five inspirational cake ideas to get you started:

Edible flowers: Pastry chefs can make almost anything look real (and better yet, edible!) nowadays. No exception are expertly crafted sugar flowers. There are some incredible designs out there featuring delicately shaped, translucent petals – so magical, in fact, that you might have trouble cutting the cake! If a head-turning, romantic and timeless look is what you’re after, edible flowers will certainly fit the bill.

Themed: If your wedding has a theme, why not make the cake to match? This is fun and applicable whether you’re simply matching the seasonal hues of the outdoors or going for something as unusual as a Pirates of the Caribbean-style ceremony. You can have literally anything made out of fondant – any color, any shape. So if your budget is not constrained, you could potentially have something created that will knock the socks off your guests.

Chocolate-covered: No longer as simple as melting chocolate and pouring it over the cake, chocolate as an alternative to (or along with) fondant has become more and more complex in recent years. Chocolatiers have been pushing the design envelope more and more, so you’ll find cakes decorated with chocolate slabs and elaborate shapes as well as more simple creations. If you’re a chocolate-lover, a cake like this might be your perfect for you!

Miniature single serve cakes: This is such a neat – and incredibly chic – idea and one that has progressed a long way from the humble cupcake. From gourmet chocolate cakes to fully decorated miniature traditional wedding cakes covered in detailed fondant, any cake can be shrunk and made superbly cute. Just imagine the reaction of your guests to a tiny little three-tier wedding cake on a plate, just for them!

Stencil icing: This is an absolutely lovely way to make even the smallest or simplest-shaped cake look stellar. It doesn’t matter what kind of look you’re going for; the options are endless when it comes to stencil icing. Everything can be recreated, from Victorian lace to scenery. Go for brightly colored patterns for spring or summer, or a subtle-yet-intricate design for an elegant affair.

Wedding cake should be one of the most fun decisions you make while planning your wedding. Enjoy the process: Choose carefully and take your time. Traditional fruit cakes do need to be made quite far in advance but for chocolate cake, white cake or any other kind of cake the prep time tends to be shorter. Check with your cake baker to make sure you order far enough in advance!

Brea Gunn writes about Westchester wedding venues and shares wedding business marketing tips for the bridal business.