Would Red Wedding Shoes Be a Good Choice for You?

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red wedding shoesIf you love wearing red shoes, there is no reason why you shouldn’t wear them on your wedding day. However, despite the increasing popularity of red shoes, most brides still choose more conventional white or ivory shoes. Here are some points to consider before choosing red bridal shoes.

Your personal style

Your wedding should reflect your personality, so if red is one of your favorite colors, why not incorporate it into your outfit on your special day? One way of doing this is to wear red shoes, even if you are wearing a traditional white, ivory or cream wedding dress.

The color of your wedding dress


If you have always wanted to walk down the aisle wearing a sumptuous red silk dress, red shoes will complement your dress perfectly.

Red shoes also look good when worn with more conventional wedding dresses. If you are having a traditional wedding and are wearing a floor-length wedding dress, you can still wear red shoes. They will be hardly noticeable, so they don’t have to fit in with your wedding’s theme colors.

On the other hand, if you are wearing a shorter length wedding dress, such as a knee-length vintage wedding dress from the 1950s, red wedding shoes would give your outfit an eye-catching finishing touch.

Your wedding’s theme colours


If red is one of your wedding’s theme colors, red bridal shoes would be a good choice even if your dress is white, ivory or cream.  If your bridesmaids are wearing red dresses and shoes, your red shoes will blend in with their outfits. You and your bridesmaids could also carry bouquets of red roses, carnations, anemones and other red flowers.

There are many other ways to link your red shoes with the rest of your wedding. Your fiancé, father and other important male guests could wear red ties. Add red floral arrangements at the ceremony and red centerpieces at the reception to ensure that the whole wedding fits together perfectly.

The season of your wedding

Red is a warming color and is more suitable as a theme color for a fall or winter wedding. However, you can still wear red shoes if you are getting married in the spring or summer and, if your shoes are hidden by your dress, you could also choose a different theme color for your wedding.

Longevity of your shoes

If you have found a pair of red wedding shoes that you love, you won’t want to wear them only once. After your wedding, they will look great with a red dress or a black outfit.

If red reflects your warm and vibrant personality, red bridal shoes are an excellent choice. If red is one of your wedding’s theme colors, red shoes will fit in with the overall look of your wedding. Whether your red shoes blend in with the rest of your wedding or whether they are a gift to yourself, wearing shoes that you love will help you to look stunning on your wedding day.